8 Things to do in Dubrovnik

This city is definitely one of its kind in the entire Europe. We were truly carried away by the beauty of this city. It has the perfect mix of breath taking views, historic buildings and natural beauty. Apart from the Game of Thrones locations, there are many beautiful places and things to do and explore here in Dubrovnik. In this blog, we would like to give away amazing ideas to explore this city

1. City Walls and Fort: This is one of the most ancient and well-preserved structure walls which give away excellent views of the city as well as the Adriatic Sea from different angles. To cover the entire City walls is a good two to three- hour walk but it is definitely worth the effort.

2. Walk through the Old Town of Dubrovnik: Walking through this town will definitely take you back in time. We felt we were in an ancient Roman city. The roads made of stones and small houses contribute towards the preservation of this ancient beauty. The small roads lead to ravishing cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops and we were amazed how tiny the roads leading to these places were.

3. Yummy Food: Try the local seafood here. The coast is near and you get really fresh seafood in most of the restaurants in Dubrovnik. We had fresh oysters and fish most of the time. We also found this cute vegan restaurant inspired from India (Nishta) to try out Indian cuisine. Worth a try for all vegans.

4. Walk through the steps: Yes, steps are the roads of Dubrovnik. Don't be surprised if your google maps lead you to countless steps because Dubrovnik is mostly connected through steps. Stone steps will lead to roads as well as houses.

5. Go to the top of Mt SRD: Take the exciting ride to the Mt SRD for a complete panoramic view of the city of Dubrovnik. You can either take the cable car or rent a bike to the top of the mountain. We chose the latter option and the ride was truly adventurous with breathtaking views.

6. Take the boat ride around the Adriatic Sea: A good 45min boat ride will take you around the mesmerizing Adriatic Sea. You can see the turquoise crystal clear waters and reefs, the view of the entire city and the Lokrum island which is definitely worth seeing. More adventurous travellers can opt for kayaking too. 

7. Home Stays Dubrovnik: is famous for its tourism and the people here are extremely polite and welcoming. So go ahead and live with the locals as they have amazing and cute houses with great views. We stayed at a lovely lady Mirjana's house and enjoyed our morning coffee with a view like this.

8. Enjoy the sunset: Dubrovnik also has a beach and so one can easily enjoy a nice and relaxing sunset. Grab your drink and sit back and enjoy the orange skylines and turquoise blue waters.

Travellerjodi Tip: You will be walking a lot in Dubrovnik. So go slow and plan your days well. Also, carry
plenty of water with you.

That's our list of things to do in Dubrovnik. Let us know what is on our list and don't forget to post comments and share the blog with your Traveller Jodi!


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