Zagreb from our Eyes

Zagreb - capital city of Croatia is one of the most beautiful European cities. A four hour beautiful drive from Budapest took us to Zagreb. This city mesmerised us completely with its beautiful buildings, perfect skylines, colourful flowers and also its People. The city is all about the Mediterranean life, and the people of Zagreb are extremely caring and lovable in nature. The city is filled with colourful gardens all around, historical buildings and perfect skylines which easily mix into the everyday life.

Here's what we did in Zagreb which we would recommend to you all:

1. Visit the famous Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Mary's church. The amazing structures and colourful surrounding will leave you flabbergasted.

2. Go to the top of The Tower of Lotrscak! This will give you the entire city's panoramic view.

3. Walk through the markets of Zagreb! The people here are early risers and hence start their day early and end early to enjoy evening coffee and spend time with family and friends. The trend is after 4 pm you will hardly find shops open for shopping.

4. The best part of this city is their coffee shops. There are many cafes open all day until late evening in this city. One can happily indulge in their cup of coffee after long tiring walks for sight seeing and if you are not a coffee person don't worry the cafes serve beer as well!.

5. Listen to the soft music played by the locals here. We met this old guy on the streets of the city who happily entertained us with his voice.

A good one and a half day is all you need to explore and collect memories from the city of Zagreb. 

Travellerjodi Tip: Go ahead and ask for help from the locals in Zagreb, talk to your flat owner, hotel staff or shopkeepers. They will be more than happy to talk to you about the history, facts and beautiful locations of this city.

Post on Dubrovnik and Split coming soon. Happy Travelling!

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